Powerful alternatives to Raspberry Pi

Navio was primarily designed to be used with Raspberry Pi. It is a great single board computer, but not the only one that Navio can be used with. We’d like to share information about alternative boards that are pin-to-pin compatible with Raspberry Pi and thus should be compatible with Navio. Banana Pi Created by, […]

Stretch goals for Navio of Indiegogo

Navio was successfully funded! We thank everyone for supporting this project. But that’s not the end of the campaign, the initial sum was set as a minimum required to launch the Navio project and with more funds we can give our supporters more. We present two stretch goals that add handy pieces to each Navio […]

NAVIO pre-order on Indiegogo

Dear Friends, Today we have started taking pre-orders for Navio. That means that you can get a Navio for yourself at a very attractive price. Please visit Navio page at Indiegogo and watch our video. If you would like to support our project, please help us spread information about Navio by sharing with your friends. Best Regards, […]

NAVIO: Building APM (ArduPilot) from sources

Where to get the code Working repository for Navio APM port is on our GitHub. Changes are being pushed in the main ArduPilot repository after some time. Hot to build You can build APM directly on your Raspberry Pi, it will take approximately 15 minutes. For faster build environment it’s better to use cross-compiling on Linux PC or […]

Navio: Hardware setup for APM

Raspberry Pi provides a set of peripheral interfaces which can be used to connect additional hardware. Navio provides access to these interfaces on it’s ports. Even though the set of interfaces is limited, it is possible to add more by using USB adapters. This guide demonstrates how different hardware can be connected to Navio and how […]

NAVIO: Installing and running APM (ArduPilot)

This document is not updated, please proceed to for latest version! It is possible to run APM (ArduPilot) on Raspberry Pi with Navio. The autopilot’s code works directly on Raspberry Pi using the APM’s Linux HAL. Even though it is possible to run APM on standard Raspbian distribution it won’t work properly as it requires lower latency. Please […]

Raspberry Pi real-time kernel [SD image available]

Linux kernel has configuration options that affect it’s real-time capabilities. Default Raspbian kernel is compiled with CONFIG_PREEMPT option that allows all kernel code outside of spinlock-protected regions and interrupt handlers to be preempted by higher priority kernel threads. Real-time patch from Ingo Molnar adds CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT option that allows nearly all of the kernel code to be preempted, […]

High rate IMU on Raspberry Pi with Navio

Hey guys! We made a small demo of IMU with NAVIO to show real-time performance of the platform.  The algorithm is Mahony quaternion based. The sensor is MPU9150 connected over I2C.

Release candidate PCBs arrived

We’ve just received a new batch of Navio release candidate PCBs in matte black – this way they look even better. Changes to the board include: MPU9250 connected over SPI. Support of separate power inputs for RPi and Navio – to keep RPi safe from voltage drops on high loads. Extended compatibility with Pixhawk headers. 3.3V […]

First Navio developer prototypes shipped

We’ve just shipped first developer prototypes to Team Prometheus and Aerial Vista Team.We hope that you’ll have fun developing with Navio and we are looking forward to getting feedback from you.

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