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Get Navio2 with 15% Discount

To get the discount, use coupon code “Navio2” during the purchase. Order your Navio2 now and let the engineering begin!

Craft Time: Get Creative with Navio2

DIY drones, robotic cars, autopilot, and.. Xbox? Check out 5 creative Navio2-powered projects made by our users.

New Image for Navio2 with RPi 3 B+ Support and More Exciting Features

We’ve rolled out our new Raspbian Stretch image for Navio.

Building an Autonomous Car with RPi and Navio2 Running Donkey

One of our community users Yannis shared the build of a small scale vehicle powered with Raspberry Pi and Navio2. It can navigate autonomously on a track using monocular vision.

Raspbian update and ArduCopter beta

Hi there! We wanted to share with you some good news about the updates we’d been working on for a while. Raspbian updates boil down to Support for Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 and a udev rule for rootless access to one Ardupilot packages are on our servers from now on Ardupilot upgrade is way easier […]

Raspberry Pi 3 support for Navio is here!

For the last weeks we’ve been working relentlessly on the new revision of our special Raspbian image for Navio autopilot that supports Raspberry Pi 3. The new image works on the following hardware combinations: Raspberry Pi 3 with Navio2 Raspberry Pi 3 with Navio+ Raspberry Pi 2 with Navio2 Raspberry Pi 2 with Navio+ Here’s the overview of the features: Raspberry Pi 3 […]

Navio2 and Reach are back in stock!

Today we have dispatched a record amount of parcels, exceeding even our crowdfunding campaign volumes! Long awaited Reach RTK kits are already on their way to our customers and tomorrow they will be followed by an even bigger number of Navio2 backorders. We are happy to announce that from this moment all our products are […]

Community-designed Cases for Navio+ and Raspberry Pi 2

Recently several cases were designed for Navio+ and Raspberry Pi 2 by community members and we would like to share them in one blog post.

Navio+ Linux Board with APM:Copter 3.3 by Randy Mackay

Randy Mackay, APM:Copter developer wrote an overview of his experience with Navio+ on DIYDrones and made this amazing demo video.

Navio+ Back in Stock!

Today we have shipped all backorders and Navio+ boards are now in stock!

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