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Navio+ shipping delayed until wednesday due to holidays

Unfortunately shipping of Navio+ is delayed until wednesday. To provide best service to our customers we have partnered with a fulfillment company, it gives many perks but at the same time we have to cope with their own schedules and processing times. We aren’t able to just get in and ship everything to you, no matter […]

Real-time Linux for Raspberry Pi 2 and updated APM binaries

Emlid team is happy to announce official support of Raspberry Pi 2 for Navio+. From now on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is the main platform for Navio+. With RPi2 it is possible to fly 400hz copters without missing a single cycle and we that are sure it’s improved performance will allow to create truly sophisticated and advanced […]

First Flight of Linux APM on Raspberry Pi 2 with Navio+

On the weekend we made the first flight of Linux APM on Raspberry Pi 2 with Navio+.

Real-time Raspbian image update for Navio

We’d like to announce a Raspbian image for Raspberry Pi A+/B+ update. It didn’t change much, but we’ve made some performance related improvements. It is available for download here. RT kernel for Raspberry Pi 2 is in progress, stay tuned!

The easiest APM deployment on Raspberry Pi with a deb package

We’d like to present a Debian package that makes it even easier to get APM up and running. It includes all APM supported vehicles. The only thing needed to install it is to type these lines at the command prompt wget sudo dpkg -i apm.deb After the installation is complete, you can launch any one the supported vehicles: APMrover2 ArduPlane ArduCopter-quad ArduCopter-tri ArduCopter-hexa […]

Navio+ and Odroid-C1: the most powerful Linux autopilot

Some time ago we’ve released a new version of our Linux autopilot – Navio+. Main new feature is that Navio+ supports HAT standard and is compatible with Raspberry Pi models A+,B+ and also with… Odroid-C1. It is a new board from Hardkernel powered by quadcore 1.5GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM. Odroid-C1 sets a new standard […]

New Raspbian with real-time kernel [JAN-15]

This is a release of the new SD card image of default Raspberry Pi distribution Raspbian with real-time kernel. It is based on 2014-12-24-wheezy-raspbian with default kernel replaced to new 3.12.36-rt50+ kernel and a few additional tunings. Default Raspbian kernel is configured with PREEMPT option and provides worst case latency around single digit milliseconds. Real-time demanding […]

Navio support in the main APM repository

We are glad to share that most of the patches for Navio has been accepted in the main APM repository. There is still a lot of work to be done, including rework of the ADC, GPS and performance optimizations, but it’s great that now a working version of APM for Navio can be built using the code in […]

Navio+ – New HAT-compliant Navio [+video]

We are happy to announce the new version of our Raspberry Pi autopilot – Navio+. With more than 300 Navios in the wild we’ve got plenty of feedback and now it is time for an upgrade. Here’s a list of new features: New version is compliant with Raspberry Pi’s HAT standard, it fits both on […]

Maiden drive of APM:Rover on RPi with Navio

Since the last update we’ve added a couple of additional pieces of code, as well as reworked some of the previous ones. Here’s the list of new features: Enabled external clocking for PCA9685, it should provide precise PWM values. Added support for ADS1115 ADC in APM. Added support for external GPS. Seeing the rover finally make its […]

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