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First Navio prototypes

Today  first five Navio were born, took me almost 6 hours to solder, but it was totally worth it and I even enjoyed soldering QFN’s. There was a delay with delivery of right angle servo connectors, and first prototypes received straight headers. Some chips were tricky to solder and we had to reflow them twice, […]

Navio PCBs arrived

The PCB’s are here! Beautiful immersion gold and black solder mask, we will solder the first boards with hot air. All connectors and mounting holes are in the right places, thanks to 3D design. The parts have arrived several days ago,  and we cant wait to see assembled board in action.

Introduction to Navio

We love Raspberry PI, but it always appeared unfair to us that autopilot applications were limited on the platform. Lack of servo connectivity, sensors breakout boards had to hang on wires creating one big mess. DIY Autopilots were evolving for a long time strating from 8-bit arduino/pic platforms and coming to 32-bit ARM microprocessors, but […]

Navio: Getting started

This document is not updated, please proceed to for latest version! In this guide we’ll describe how to start working with Navio board including mount, powering up, setting up operating system on Raspberry and much more.

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